Clicktag checker


  • You can only upload flash (.swf) files till a maximum file size of 100 Kb!
  • Uploading the file will show the banner in the correct width and height. Check file properties if the dimensions meet the specifications.
  • When you click the banner, a new window will open with the message: 'Clicktag implementation is correct!' If other content appears the banner contains a hard-coded URL instead of a clicktag.
  • When the banner does not open a new window, but content appears in the same active window, the target atrribute is not set correct. Probably the target is set to "_self" instead of "_blank".
  • If nothing happens, the banner does not contain a clicktag or implementation is not correct.
  • You can also check the close button functionality of a floating ad. Click on the close button, an alert box will show up when the implementation is correct.
  • Click here to test a banner with multiple clicktags!

Choose a banner

This tool is developed for Internet Explorer.